/Cannabis Plant Training to Get Higher Yields

Cannabis Plant Training to Get Higher Yields

You can increase your marijuana plants’ yields by training them. To maximize the yield of their cannabis plants, growers are able to optimize the structure by selectively trimming and bunting the branches.

Many benefits can be derived from cannabis plant training methods. The following are just a few of the many benefits that can be derived from cannabis plant training techniques:

Increased yield:

Cannabis plant training can have a significant impact on your plants’ yield. The plant can be controlled to produce more bud sites.

Improved light penetration:

Training your marijuana plants can help you create a better canopy, which allows for more light to reach lower branches. You can get stronger, bigger buds from the lower branches.

Training cannabis plants to increase airflow can help improve its overall health

This will help prevent mildew or mold from growing and can also lower the chance of getting bitten.

You have greater control of your plants:

With plant training, you can give growers greater control over how they shape and organize their plants. For indoor growers, this can prove especially useful if they need to make the most of their small space.

To increase the yield of your cannabis, there are many different methods you can employ to train plants. Below are some of our most-recommended methods:


Involves removing the top part of the main stem and encouraging the growth of two more main branches. The plant will be able to grow more buds by having a thicker canopy.

LST (Low Stress Training):

To create an even canopy, bend the branches gently. This helps to increase bud growth and allows for more light.


Screen of Green is the process of placing a screen on the plants, and then weaving the branches in it. This provides a more even canopy which encourages more buds to grow.

Super Cropping:

You can also use Super Cropping to make a kink on the stem. This will stimulate your plant to make more buds.

The best way to increase your marijuana plants’ yield is cannabis plant training. The growth pattern of cannabis can be altered to increase its yield, grow larger buds and enhance the health. If you are looking to grow cannabis to the highest level possible, then plant training might be something that interests you.